Facts About Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the field of study that deals with the industrial practical applications of living objects. It generally uses living organisms and their living systems to generate or modify products, depending on the applicant and the tools used, biotechnology-related with other field of studies like bioengineering molecular engineering among others. Over decays, humankind has used this field of study to improve their living standard especially in medicine, production of food and agricultural process. Biotechnology came along with hypothesis and assumption regarding its efficiency, below are some of the fact about biotechnology:


Comes with a variety of colors.


Biotechnology comes along with four colors which are: green white blue and red. The four have their own definition:


Blue is termed to be ocean color, the study of water bodies and water itself is called Blue technology.


Red represents blood and the symbol of the Red Cross, while field study related to medical issues is referred to as Red biotechnology.


Green represents plant, in biotechnology study of agriculture is termed as green biotechnology.


White represents neatness, study related to industries is called white biotechnology. The objective of white biotechnology was to help industries to develop a conducive environment in the manufacturing process in terms of cleanliness.


Agriculture in biotechnology.


Agriculture is the oldest industry in using biotechnology. Aimed at improving agriculture by coming up with different approaches to improve the plant under cultivation. In the current world, almost everything a human being consume the seed of the consumed product has one way or another been manipulated genetically. Example, the seedless watermelon is a product of agricultural biotechnology.


Human DNA


A human being is made up a lot of cells and every cell contain different genetic information which is in form of DNA. Each DNA in form of a strand is about 2 meters long. Where if human DNA strand of the whole body is laid for measurement it would take almost 200 billion kilometer, that is 1333 times the distance between sun to earth that means sun would take a week plus to strike us.


According to biotech, humans differ with only 0.1% of DNA while the rest 99.9% of the DNA is the same to all humankind. The small difference is made up of codes that build up the physical and internal uniqueness. Genetic information of every living creature consists of sequences and combination of four molecules named, cytosine, guanine, adenine and thymine. This four molecule of different sequence contains the 24,000 genes in a human being genome.


Human being and Animals.


This a frustrating fact to human, but we share almost 92% of our genes with mice, 98% with Chimpanzees, this relates to the ancient history of origin of a man, 76% of our genes with zebrafish, 26% with a plant, type of weed named thale cress, 51% with flies found in fruit, and 18% with a bacteria known as E.coli .


Secure workers in farms


Agricultural product of biotech tend to be economical especially in the use of pesticides, the seeds are made with strength to fight diseases and insect, this keeps the workers safe from skin infection and damaging the breathing system due to the poison from pesticides. This result to good working environment leading to good yield. Like products of Nature’s soy vegetarian chicken.




Biotechnology was initial used back in 1919, later after 50 years first DNA recombinant experiment was successfully done by researchers using bacterial genes. This study has gradually evolved to appoint of producing medical devices, biomaterials, advanced medicines and many more.


Bacteria and human beings.


Humans are born free from bacteria they are infected within the first few years in their childhood. Infant is transmitted by different microbiota during birth by the mothers which may put them at risk of allergies.